Third Party Bodily Injury Investigation
While systematically having a file for every event, we would investigate the fact of an accident and settlement matters. We will process the insured’s written accident report that was submitted to the insurance company and take up the case personally, with further discussion with the affected parties, and obtain official records that exist. We will conduct our investigation in a ethical, fair and professional manner, With all the details, case valuation and negotiation, we will present our case to our customers for further follow ups.
Fraud Detection & Investigation
We can understand our clients problem with the surge in fraud cases. This deceptive and unlawful practices at almost any stage of vehicle purchase or claim require us to conduct a right kind of investigation to get to the bottom of the issue. For every case, we would go through the case for evaluation and understand prior to conducting our investigation. Once we understand the available options, we will work with our clients for the best possible outcome. Our policy is to ensure our investigation and outcome is done in fair and transparent manner for the benefit of all.
Own Damage Survey
Motor Own Damage Insurance is a voluntary form of insurance in the event of ordinary damage to own vehicle, regardless of who is guilty and where the accident took place. When any insurance claim are filed for own vehicle damage, we would understand the case from our clients for our thorough investigation. Once we understand the type of claim and the coverage, our investigation will be towards authenticating the damage and evaluation as there are many different ways the damage can occur. We will then present our case investigation to our clients in a professional manner for follow ups.
Motor Theft Investigation
Vehicle theft is a common problem for everyone, be the owner of vehicle or the insurance company. Though this agonizing experience becoming rampant, we will have to investigate the claim to ensure it is not bogus.With experience handling such cases for many years, we employ the best practice and modern methodology such as forensic investigation to get to the root of problems. Our primary motive is to ensure we present a thorough investigation papers to our clients with all the findings and reports to ensure the decision making process is smooth.
Third Party Property Damage
We provide our clients with a proactive, experienced team to ensure correct decisions are made early and costs are minimized in terms of legal cost, early intervention and early decision-making on liability and prompt settlement. Our target is to bring the claim management towards settlement while minimizing leakage and applying the right kind of solution, skill and management control. Our dedicated professionals will offer a single point contact for case management and our systematic process has been refined to ensure every case is well handled.
Vehicle Survey & Surveillance
Investigation and survey can turn to be a trauma in the event of claim and we assist our clients to take that burden away from them, while still providing service at the highest level. All these to ensure a smooth claim-process. We have a track record in project management and can execute the project is a smooth manner. Our survey and investigation process enable fast and cost-effective solution for our customers. Our surveyors and investigators are measured upon response times and other elements of customer service providing reassurance that projects are completed as rapidly as possible.